Newsy Story: Broke College Athlete

The newsy story I chose is one that has been a very hot topic for the last few years. The debate has been ongoing on whether college athletes should be paid. The final decision on this topic is always up in the air, but this time one college athlete took matters into his own hands. Nigel Hayes, a college basketball player for the University of Wisconsin, was seen standing outside during College Gameday with a sign that read “Broke College Athlete Anything Helps”. That was a very intriguing gesture, and his actions did not stop there. After checking a report on how much revenue his conference the Big 10 made the previous year, he took a screenshot of that report and tweeted it to the Big 10 and said “If only they made enough to pay us”. This is just the latest athlete to speak up in protest against the NCAA, but many more are bound to follow suit.


If you are interested in checking out the article on, here is the link: NCAA Conferences reaping all the benefits


Time to Get a Little Newsy is definitely a website worth keeping up with. They have stories on a multitude of topics ranging from United States news to science and health. The majority of Newsy’s stories are headline news, so this is a good source to go to when any hot journalism story hits the airwaves. Most of their videos featured are only about a minute long, so this is also a great website to get a quick news fix from. Along with the stand alone videos they have on their website, they also have a live publication that you can tune in to. Newsy is also available in many mobile forms, along with Newsy being accessible on any of your favorite streaming services.

Now if you have checked out their website and would love to become a part of the Newsy team, they also have a careers tab where anyone seeking a job in the world of journalism can apply .

In conclusion, is definitely the best news outlet that you’ve never heard about.

Hyperlocal News, What’s That?!

In my experience, Hyperlocal news sites are publications dedicated to a very specific audience. Hyperlocal news can cover an array of topics. Since they q Hyperlocal news can cover a specific city or town, food and beverages, or it can be network of cities all covered simultaneously. The most interesting parts of going through these hyperlocal news sites was the fact that a majority these sites were owned by AOL. A good portion of the sites on the Colombia Hyperlocal news sites were a part of AOL’s patch news network. The patch news network covered states from California to Minnesota, and they covered a multitude of topics.  Along with the patch news network, another interesting site I looked at was the Locally Grown News site. They talked about a lot of agriculture related news, along with a good recipe.


In conclusion, Hyperlocal news is great for those who are looking for a centralized message for a specific local audience. The only negative is that some websites do no last because their audience falls off.

A Pretty Cool Picture Book

For my photo journalism project, I will probably end up taking photographs of Copeland Park. For those reading who have never heard of the park, it is located on 15th Street literally in walking distance from University Mall. I am choosing this location because this park was a major part of my life. If basketball season wasn’t going on while I was in school, then I was usually at Copeland Park playing basketball in some way, shape, or form. Aside from playing basketball there, there’s a nice nature trail along with a baseball field and an enormous pool. I should be able to get some great shots of the park that will tell a very unique story. I am definitely excited for this project, and I will pick a few photos from the story to post here on the blog.

Service Learning

My service learning piece is going to be on my high school, Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School. Now I am pretty sure that 90 percent of the class has never heard about the school, and the other 10 percent heard about the school because I have told them about the school. Just for some background, Brooks-DeBartolo is a charter school located on Central Avenue not that far from the University Mall. The school was started in 2007, and the mission of the school was to give underprivileged kids like myself a prep school education. The school has recently been accredited by the school, but at a certain cost. For the sake of my story, I will not talk about the specifics in this introductory blog.

Moving on Up

The realm of education is one that Assistant Principal Cheryl Fernandez knows all too well. This is not her first time working at a school, but it is her first time working as an assistant principal. Future educators across the county may be interested to hear her story, especially seeing that she just left her former job teaching of 9 years.  With a track record impressive as hers, students may look to her story as an inspiration, or it may give many students headed down the education career path an idea of some of the situations they may face once they step into the ring. Her reasoning and purpose for leaving her current situation my or my not surprise the reader, depending on their outlook of the situation.  While Ms. Fernandez has moved on to something new, it will also be good to find out how her former coworkers felt about her departure.


This interview was definitely worthwhile.  I chose Cheryl Fernandez, the new assistant principal of Giunta Middle School. She has been in the school system for over a decade, but this is her first administrative position. The reason I chose her for my interview was because she recently left her last teaching job of 9 years for her new position. I was intrigued why she decided to leave at the time she did, because educators usually don’t leave the place they’re currently at unless they have a good reason.  The toughest part of preparing for this interview was definitely picking my questions. I wanted to make sure that I got a thorough interview out of Ms. Fernandez, and that all comes from the question I chose.  I think that I did a good job of getting her perspective on everything that happened over the summer. I hope that she enjoys my finished story just as much as I enjoyed the interview.